SIP-based telephony for Call Centers

Phone numbers worldwide, SIP trunking, IVR, call recording, queues & API

Virtual numbers worldwide

Get local phone numbers wherever you have customers.

Connect incoming calls via SIP to your call center team anywhere.

Prices for local phone numbers start at $1.79/month. Easy-to-remember gold numbers can be obtained upon request.


{{457263 | number }} companies in 239 countries have Sonetel

We believe that globalization and entrepreneurship are the key drivers for making this planet a better place.

By empowering entrepreneurs in the most remote corners of the world, with communication solutions that remove distance and levels the playing field, we hope to contribute to this progress.

About 160,000 out of those that have signed up – across 170 countries – have also become paying customers.

While most of these customers are entrepreneurs and small businesses, we also serve a large base of Call center customers worldwide since a decade.

This site is dedicated to companies with Call center needs. Our services for small businesses can be found here.

Dependable communication

Our SIP-based service platform has been in operation for more than a decade. This has allowed us to harden our systems and processes and perfect our service quality. You can expect a system uptime of 99.99% or better.

Local connectivity is done via dependable, high quality providers. All services delivered to you are covered by an SLA (Service Level Agreement), ensuring that telephony will be the last thing you need to worry about.

Flexible and powerful

Set-up Voice Response, with professional voice recordings or by using text-to-speech, in a matter of minutes. Adjust the IVR-flow whenever needed – on short notice.

Record incoming and outgoing calls. Optionally use our call queue functions.

For advanced users, connect with our rich API and take your process automation to new altitudes.

Enterprise SIP solution

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Make calls via SIP trunking

Make low cost, high quality calls via Sonetel to any destinations worldwide. Show your international phone numbers to the people you are calling.

Connect to Sonetel across the Internet using SIP, with SRTP encryption.